photo by Michael Baxter

photo by Michael Baxter

Lida is an award-winning bellydancer in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, a long way from her birthplace of Iran where she was born to Persian and Azeri parents. After living in Turkey and Germany, they settled in the wonderfully diverse Bay Area, which offers countless opportunities for engagement in the arts. She became deeply involved in music, theater, and later, bellydance.

Growing up with the songs and culture of the Middle East fostered a natural musicality and a deep understanding of the emotions expressed in this complex music — qualities which are distinctly evident in her dancing. She is known as a skilled improviser and thoughtful choreographer, pairing her expressive musical interpretation with precise technicality to deliver elegant, spirited performances. Building on the clean lines, crisp accents, and understated charm of classic West Coast bellydance, Lida strives to bring her unique grace and point of view to the dance.

Lida's solid foundation in Middle Eastern dance is based on the teachings of many of the Bay Area's best instructors, with whom she studied for over a decade. Now she continues to develop her dance with Sandra of California, Maria Sokolova, workshops from international bellydance artists. She also studies and performs Iranian dance with Shadan. 

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